API Reference - ASIC Form 361

ASIC Form 361 v6.00

Registered agent ceasing to act for a company

Create a 361 form application for Cease acting as a registered agent for a company. An API call to this endpoint will return a JSON response with the requst ID. If the application has been approved, an successful validation report will be returned together with the ASIC document number.

  • identifier
    string / mandatory / maximum 17 characters
    Unique identifier for the request
  • declaration
    array / mandatory
    Array with agent's details
    • family_name
      string / mandatory / maximum 30 characters
      Agent last name
    • given_name1
      string / mandatory / maximum 20 characters
      Agent first name
    • given_name2
      string / maximum 20 characters
      Agent middle name
    • given_name3
      string / maximum 20 characters
      Agent middle name
    • company_office
      string / mandatory
      Agent's role. Value: AGT as per Table 0011
    • date_signed
      date / mandatory
      Signing date. Accepted format YYYYMMDD
    • declares_authorised
      string / mandatory
      Declares that the agent is authorised. Value: Y or N
    • declares_true
      string / mandatory
      Declares that the information in this form is true and correct. Value: Y or N
  • company_id
    array / mandatory
    Array with company identification details
    • company_name
      string / mandatory / maximum 200 characters
      Full company name
    • acn
      string / mandatory / maximum 9 digits
      Company ACN
  • test_transmission
    Is this a test transmission? Value: Y or N
POST to /api/v1/361
    "test_transmission" : ""
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