Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions that we’ve received. If you have any other questions related to the GetEDGE ECR & Standard APIs, please feel free to drop us a line at

  • What is the GetEDGE API?

    The API (Application Programming Interface) consists of a set of well defined protocols and tools, that can very easily give you access to the ASIC records. You can look at the APIs like a set of secure channels of communication between you and the ASIC.

  • Can I use the APIs out-of-the-box?

    The APIs themselves must be integrated with a piece of software that you already have or, that you plan to build. Once you have a form or a set of forms, you can integrate with our APIs immediately.

  • What is the GetEDGE ECR?

    ECR stands for Electronic Company Registration. GetEDGE ECR is an API that helps you lodge company registrations.

  • What is the GetEDGE Standard?

    GetEDGE Standard is an API suite which allows Registered Agents to lodge various documents online, on behalf of their clients for register changes or, agent services (forms 361, 362, 484, RA63, RA71, etc.).

  • What is the GetEDGE Docs?

    GetEDGE Docs is a free API that you can use together with the GetEDGE ECR to generate all required company documents (constitution, minutes, registers, etc). All documents are prepared by a reputable law firm.

  • What is the GetEDGE Wordpress plugin?

    The GetEDGE Wordpress is a free plugin that enables your Wordpress website to accept, capture, store and manage company registrations. The plugin integrates with Xero (it pushes invoices and bills to your Xero account on each company registration), Google (giving the ability to have address autocomplete), Slack (for instant notifications on all registrations). The plugin enables your website to manage orders, clients, applications, company documents, etc.

  • How much does it cost?

    We have are various plans available that are designed to suit virtually any type of business and any type of requirement. GetEDGE ECR is charged per API call, while GetEDGE Standard is charged monthly. The GetEDGE Wordpress plugin is FREE and may include an optional setup fee depending on your access to a suitably skilled Wordpress admin or developer.

  • Can I cancel?

    You can cancel any time. For GetEDGE ECR you just need to not lodge any applications with us. With GetEDGE Standard you can cancel your monthly subscription at any point, without any additional fees.

  • What types of payment are available?

    Our current payment processor is Stripe. We use Stripe for all our credit card payments.

  • Do you offer refunds for GetEDGE ECR?

    We charge per API call. Once an application is submitted, the API was used and you are charged a fee. For GetEDGE ECR we can offer a refund only in instances where ASIC has successfully refunded you on that specific company.

  • What programming languages does your API work with?

    Our ASIC ECR & EDGE APIs are designed to work with virtually any programming language currently available (PHP, Java, .NET, Python, C#, etc).

  • What platforms and/or CMS work with your APIs?

    The APIs work with virtually any CMS or platform currently in use (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, iOS, Android, etc). As long as it can make an API call, it works.

  • How long will the implementation take?

    If you have your form(s) ready, the APIs work out-of-the-box, immediately after the resources are allocated for you. Our experts will make integrating a breeze.

  • Can my devs get support?

    While our APIs are quite straight-forward, the ASIC requirements can be difficult to follow. We have ad-hoc development and consulting services available.

  • What if I don’t have any form(s)?

    If you do not have any form(s) ready to go, you can hire our team to design, develop and deploy your next project.

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