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ASIC online services made easy

If you want to start a new company registration or ASIC registered agent business, or you just want to dramatically improve your existing enterprise, we can help you achieve this. As ASIC software providers, system integrator and BPM specialists, our team has an extensive knowledge in, and experience working with, all ASIC systems. We can integrate them into your existing infrastructure or build custom, tailored solutions, specifically designed for your business, aiming to optimise all aspects of your workflow, business processes and overall performance.


RESTful Company Registration API
Access to ASIC form 201
Unlimited registrations
Easy integration
Premium support
Full company documents pack New

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GetEDGE Standard API

Wide range of ASIC forms
Unlimited companies
Easy integration
Premium support
3 hrs FREE consulting services

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GetEDGE Wordpress Plugin

Standalone plugin
GetEDGE ECR API integration
Heaps of features
Easy setup & Free updates
Premium support
Full company documents pack New

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ASIC online services at you fingertips


Our plans are tailored for your existing needs and your current situation.

Smooth Implementation

Beautiful RESTful APIs ready to be used out-of-the-box in existing or new environment.

Platform Independent

Our APIs work with virtually any platform and programming language.


There’s no limitation with our APIs, anywhere you want to go, we can take you.


The APIs are developed and protected with the latest in commercial grade encryption.

Premium Support

Experienced ASIC, SI and BPM specialists will be there to assist you through every step.

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