ASIC Business Name - Registration API

Business Name Renewal v1.01

Application for renewing a business name

Create a form application for business name renewal for sole-traders and companies. An API call to this endpoint will return a JSON response with the requst ID. If the application has been approved for processing, an ASIC document_number and an url field with the ASIC confirmation will be returned.

v1.01 Changelog

  • Fixed common ASIC errors
  • Improved server side validations
  • Improved error reporting
  • identifier
    string / mandatory / maximum 17 characters
    Unique identifier for the request
  • accountNumber
    string / mandatory if abn = null / maximum 12 characters
    ASIC account number
  • abn
    number / mandatory if accountNumber = null / 11 digits
    ABN of the business name owner
  • business_name
    string / mandatory / maximum 200 characters
    Business name
  • term
    number / mandatory / 1 characters
    Values: 1 year or 3 years
  • email
    email / mandatory
    Email recipient for all ASIC correspondence in relation with the business name
  • signatory
    array / mandatory
    Array with signatory Details
    • name
      array / mandatory
      Array with signatory name Details
      • givenNames
        All given names of the signatory
      • familyName
        Family name of the signatory
    • declaresTrueAndCorrect
      text / mandatory
      Value: Value: Y
  • test_transmission
    Is this a test transmission? Value: Y or N
POST to /api/v1/business-names-renewal
        "declaresTrueAndCorrect" : ""
    "test_transmission" : ""
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